Your Pathway to Healing… "Naturally"

How does it work?

“Your Ear Tells the Story”!

The ear is a precise chart of the entire human body’s system and in the early 1950’s was systematically researched by two European doctors (Dr. Paul Nogier/Dr. Frank Bahr) where detailed points were mapped from the body onto the ear resembling a form of an upside down fetus.  Health practitioners guided by diagnostic tools can pinpoint health concerns deep within your body simply by examining the surface of your ear.

It’s general theory is that the nerves supplying the ear can stimulate ‘remote’ areas from the ear through brain connections, which in turn changes the homeostatic condition of any dysfunctional or diseased part in the body and brings it  back to its natural state of balance.

It was found, that when specific points on the ear were stimulated, they affected particular parts of the body and these points would only show as active and tender when a health issue had developed or your body was not in its natural state of balance, eventually leading to illness/disease.  Once these active points are located and treated, your body will naturally clear a ‘pathway’ within the blocked meridian and the process of healing can begin.

Testing is first done using various forms of high technology equipment and treatment thereafter by either the insertion of pre-packaged sterile needles, electro-stimulation or ‘painless LLLT (infrared cold laser), depending on the practitioner’s determination and the client’s medical history.

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