Your Pathway to Healing… "Naturally"

Welcome to the Healing Path

Auricular (ear) acupuncture has been around for thousands of years. It is a natural medicine that involves acupuncture of the outer ear. It has been developed, perfected and practiced extensively in Europe (Dr. Paul Nogier/Dr. Frank Bahr/Dr. Beate Stittmatter) and is used by most general practitioners to this day, but is still somewhat new to North America. It is a simple, relatively non-invasive, free of side effects type of medicine and is remarkably effective in treating a multitude of health conditions and an overall re-balancing of the body.  This medicine will naturally ‘clear blockages’ within your body and promote healing for a wide range of disorders which will be alleviated or disappear completely and soon put you on the road to optimal health!

I am registered with the Canadian Association of Professional Certified Acupuncturists (CAPCA) and the Ontario Acupuncture Association (OAA). For an appointment, please call today!

Colette Russell, R.Ac.


German Auricular Acupuncturist

By Appointment Only

Bedford, Nova Scotia

Tele: (902) 483-5255 | Fax: (902) 835-2733 | Email:

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