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A native of Nova Scotia, Colette Russell knew at a very young age she possessed a natural interest in the well being of others. This desire to help others took her down a career path that began with working as a part time Police Dispatcher/Special Constable in Nova Scotia. She then had an opportunity to broaden her horizons even further and moved to Bermuda working part time as an administrator and front line Triage Assistant with surgeons at various medical procedure offices. In 1999 Colette returned to Nova Scotia and immediately began training and working in the natural medicine field as a Chiropractic Assistant. It was at this time that she began to feel a true and deep passion for helping people, especially without the aid of prescription medication.

In 2007, she sustained numerous injuries from a motor vehicle accident that left her unable to function efficiently in her career. Because Colette personally believes in healing as naturally as possible, she decided to try acupuncture as one of her own sources of healing. She was skeptical at first, but after a few treatments, realized how powerful this medicine actually was at healing the entire body.

Not long after this, Colette decided to enroll in a Traditional Chinese Acupuncture course at Eastern College in Halifax. She trained for one and a half years and gained incredible knowledge into how this ancient medicine works, but she wanted more. At the suggestion of her mentor and acupuncturist, she decided to pursue a course in German Auricular Acupuncture to realize her goal of helping others.

She began intense research into this ‘somewhat’ new field and started her training with the Vital Principle Institute, Mahone Bay and was instructed and supervised personally by Dr. Muriel Agnes, MAEd., PhD . Dr. Agnes is highly respected in her field, as she was also personally instructed and trained by well renowned Dr. Beate Strittmatter of Germany. Colette received her Certification and Registration and has now been successfully practicing since early 2011. She is elated on how she is changing her clients’ lives and is looking forward to many more years of healing others with this incredible medicine – naturally!

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  1. Sounds incredibly interesting!

    • auricularacupuncture said:

      Yes Holly, this is incredibly interesting for sure! AND…..beginning mid June, I will be performing Laser Acupuncture on those with any ‘issues’ with the needling process. Laser is completely ‘PAINLESS’ and a very effective option for all of those issues/re-balancing of the body you may be experiencing.

      I will be posting more information on how laser works very soon!

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